Doors On or Doors Off: Which Option Is Best for Helicopter Tours?

When booking a helicopter tour, you may find you have the option to choose between having helicopter doors-on or a doors-off option. This simple choice can completely transform your helicopter ride in several ways. Choosing between the two can depend on exactly what you want from your helicopter tour. Here are some of the considerations that make the difference between a doors-on and doors-off helicopter experience.

Do You Have a Slight Fear of Heights?

Many people find doors-off helicopter rides exhilarating, memorable, and breathtaking. Still, some people may have some anxiety that comes with the more open feel of a doors-off ride. You should understand that whether the doors are on or off, a helicopter tour offers a high level of safety.

With no doors or open doors, you will sit comfortably tethered inside the helicopter, so there’s no danger of anything untoward happening. However, for some people, safety isn’t enough to assuage their anxieties.

If you’re unsure or don’t have anxiety associated with a doors-off tour, then give it a try. You may have an experience you’ll talk about for years to come.

Do You Value the Heights or the Sights?

A helicopter tour offers the helicopter experience itself as well as the ability to see things from a rare vantage point. If you just want to see the sights, then it might not matter if there’s a door in the way or not. A doors-off tour can give you a better view, but even with doors on, you will get to see the landmarks. However, if you want a full-flight experience, then having no doors can offer you a more thrilling experience as you soar to new heights.

Do You Want to Take Pictures?

Whether you’re taking pictures with a camera, phone, or professional equipment, there’s really no substitute for a doors-off tour. The lack of doors gives you more scenery to work with. You can still take good pictures with the doors on, but you won’t capture as much as you probably want to.

Amateur and casual aerial pictures and videos can look incredible. For professionals, you can ask for a specific aerial photography or videography service. Such services will typically allow you to request specific types of angles for your project. These types of services will almost always come with a doors-off flight.

Do You Get Cold Easily?

The higher up you go, the more wind and chill you’ll experience. For many people, this isn’t an issue. Nevertheless, if you choose a doors-off helicopter tour, you may want to dress for the increase in the cold.

You should at least wear a light jacket. Make sure your clothes aren’t too loose. If you’re taking pictures, you should consider wearing gloves. These things are far less of an issue with a closed-door flight.

Do You Plan to Fly With Others?

If you’re booking a helicopter tour for yourself and one or more people, then ask them if they want an open- or closed-door flight. If one person feels discomfort, it can make the whole tour uncomfortable for everyone else.

If someone wants closed doors and someone else wants no doors, the helicopter tour service may offer a compromise. Many services can allow for one side open and another side closed. Or, someone may sit up front with the side closed while those in the back can enjoy the doors-off option.

Discuss the door options with the helicopter tour service beforehand. Let them know if you want doors or not, and if you plan to take pictures on the tour. At Lite Flight Helicopters, we have packages to accommodate any need. Book a tour or charter a flight with us today.