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Lite Flight Helicopters offers a wide range of Aerial Photography services. Our flight only services cater to photographers and production companies with the best value in the business! Our clientele ranges from large companies such as MTV and The History Channel to local real estate firms. Our rates start at $600.00 per hour (1-hour minimum). We also offer Gyro-Stabilizer rental (see below) starting at $150.00 per hour (1-hour minimum).

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Los Angeles Helicopter Tours

Gyro-Stabilizer Rental for Aerial Photography

The Gyro-Stabilizer Ken-Lab KS-6 helps keep troublesome vibrations from destroying image quality by dampening bumps, bounces, and camera shake. It’s even more effective than a modern image-stabilized lens because it stabilizes the whole camera.

The Ken-Lab KS-6 allows for steady sequences and smooth panning for medium format cameras or long lenses, without the loss of hand-held freedom of motion. The KS-6 is easily attached to camcorders, videotape television cameras, or any camera with a standard tripod mount.

Ken-Lab KS-6