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Helicopter Pilot Training

In addition to being a premier spot for Los Angeles helicopter tours, Lite Flight is the perfect place to begin or continue your helicopter pilot training. Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with everything you need to become an exceptional helicopter pilot. Whether you are seeking a rewarding career in the aviation industry, or simply looking for a new exciting hobby, Lite Flight has you covered. Our instructors have thousands of hours of experience, so you don’t need to worry about having an instructor learning with you as you go – that’s not only unsafe, but costs a lot of money…

Lite Flight Helicopters

is located at Van Nuys Airport near Los Angeles, CA. Van Nuys Airport is rich with history and a great place to learn to fly. Within minutes of taking off you can be to the ocean, mountains, or one of many other airports. This will offer you the opportunity to learn to communicate and operate within all types of federal airspace.

You will also learn off airport procedures such as pinnacle and confined area approaches in one of our numerous training areas. Another significant advantage to training in this area is the beautiful weather. Poor weather conditions are one of the major factors inhibiting flight, though because of our mild Southern California climate, we are able to fly almost every single day, year-round.


Lite Flight uses Robinson helicopters for all levels of training and helicopter rides in Los Angeles. Robinson helicopters are world renowned for dependability and low cost to pilots. For this reason almost all training industry wide is completed in Robinson helicopters.

Lite Flight uses Robinson R44 helicopters for primary training. Lite Flight’s Robinson R44 Raven II is top of the line and equipped with all the navigational instruments necessary for any rating. The helicopter is equipped with Hydraulics, Fuel Injection and is way more stable an safe than the R22 used in most of the industry. The R44 is also a 4-seater helicopter, so you can bring your friends and family to experience the joy of flying with you.

Flyit Flight Simulator

Lite Flight Helicopters has a FAA approved FlyIt flight simulator on site. Using the simulator will save you a large amount of money while training for your instrument rating. The SIM is also approved for IFR currency requirements.

Cost of Training

Lite Flight Helicopters is committed to offering first class instruction at a very competitive rate. Light Flight continually adjusts our rates according to current fuel prices and associated operational costs to insure the best possible price. Feel free to contact us to compare costs. Lite Flight firmly believes in a pay as you go process and will never attempt to bind you to any sort of contract in case your plans change.

Why Lite Flight?

If you do some research you will find out about “Instructor Factories”. Sadly, that’s the standard in the industry now. Companies use low hour instructors, with absolutely no experience to learn as they instruct you. The reason behind that is so they can hire these instructors for very little money and sometimes, even no money at all. Now they can have lower prices and attract more students and they promise their students jobs after they finish their training. This cycle repeats over and over, creating bad pilots that will not be able to find a position as a commercial helicopter pilot. They might pass the FAA checkride, but they will never have the experience and training to pass a check-out in a company…

Here we do things differently. Lite Flight only employ instructors with lots of hours and experience not only as instructors, but as commercial pilots, flying in real companies in the real world. That way, you are not only going to feel safer, but you will be trained to be a proficient, safe and ready for your commercial job. You will be trained by an instructor with at least 1500h and at least 3 years of experience flying real jobs. That’s our goal: to stop the instructor’s factories and create a better and safer industry for pilots and passengers.

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