Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial Photography and Videography

Photography! So many niches, such a large medium to explore so many different angles and lighting techniques in photography as well. Well, in recent years, ariel photos and videos have become a new craze, and photographers all over the world are interested in trying out some shots from up in the air. We will help you get your ideas of aerial photography and videography and make them into art! Lite Flight Helicopter has years and years of experience in the industry and helped amateurs and professionals to complete their projects with great satisfaction – From TV channels, Real State companies, music celebrities, sports artists all the way to the first-timer amateur Instagramer . While the increased popularity of drones from websites like has made aerial photography more accessible than ever, helicopters still give you the best angles when it comes to filming from the sky. You will be shooting out of a helicopter while conducting the pilot to give you the best angle like a maestro, so you will need specialized pilots to get what you are looking for. How else do you think people like this real estate photographer Rhode Island or the many others manage to get their aerial shots of various properties or facilities, they take to the sky! So look no further. For any Helicopter’s Aerial shots need, there is only one solution – Lite Flight Helicopters.

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Aerial Photography

Lite Flight Helicopters offers a wide range of Aerial Photography services. Our flight only services cater to photographers and production companies with the best value in the business! Our clientele ranges from large companies such as MTV and The History Channel to local real estate firms and amateur photographers. Our rates start at:

  • $1000.00 per hour (1-hour minimum) for the Robinson R44 Helicopter (space for 2 people with equipment)
  • $2,900.00 per hour (1-hour minimum) for the Bell EC-130 Helicopter (space for 6 people with equipment)
  • We also offer Gyro-Stabilizer rental (see below) starting at $250.00 per hour (1-hour minimum).
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Los Angeles Helicopter Tours

Gyro-Stabilizer Rental for Aerial Photography

The Gyro-Stabilizer Ken-Lab KS-6 helps keep troublesome vibrations from destroying image quality by dampening bumps, bounces, and camera shake. It’s even more effective than a modern image-stabilized lens because it stabilizes the whole camera.

The Ken-Lab KS-6 allows for steady sequences and smooth panning for medium format cameras or long lenses, without the loss of hand-held freedom of motion. The KS-6 is easily attached to camcorders, videotape television cameras, or any camera with a standard tripod mount.

Ken-Lab KS-6