Los Angeles Charter Flights

Los Angeles Charter Flights

Charter Helicopters, Airplanes and Jets

Time is money and your time is worth much more! Imagine flying your own private aircraft, from the closest airport to your home or company to the closest airport to your destination… You don’t have to dream anymore. That’s a reality with Lite Flight. Charter your private aircraft from any airport to any airport. Our fleet was designed with your needs in mind – From the lower budget piston airplanes to VIP-configured Jets passing through our versatile helicopters… We have them all and they are ready for you! Call us now and ask us for a quote +1 (877) 335-7038.


Charters for Business

Do you know the feeling of being 3 hours stuck in traffic to have a 1 hour meeting? What about a morning meeting? You had to go the night before and rent a hotel room close to the meeting location just so you could make to your meeting… It’s not worth it! We can take you around Los Angeles in minutes from the most convenient airport to the most convenient airport, no matter if you are going alone or if you are taking your team with you. We have the best deals for every need.


Charters for Family

Taking your family for vacations? Maybe just a fun weekend out… We have an aircraft just for you and it can fit your whole family with comfort and safety without braking your budget. Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco… Anywhere! Don’t make your family wait hours and hours in traffic or long freeways to finally get the fun they have been waiting for the whole year… Call us, book your flight and their adventure will start on the way to their final destination, inside of one of our chartered aircrafts!


Charters for Fun

Coachella, Steagecoach, Kaaboo… any party, any festival… Arrive in style! If you are going alone or if you are taking your friends, the party starts as soon as you ready to take-off!!! You are not going to need a designated driver, after all, you will have your own designated pilot. It can’t get any better!


Charter an Airplane

Piston engine airplanes are the cheapest, simplest option to get where you want. For prices starting at $400.00 per hour, there is no way to have your private flight cheaper. We charter single and twin engine piston aircrafts. They can take anywhere from 1 to 6 passengers.


Charter a Jet

Jets for any class, any need! Take your whole team with you and charter a jet with your own private flight attendant. Business trips are taken to the next level as you have your own Jet waiting for your permission to take-off. Our Jets can fit anywhere from 1 to 18 passengers with privacy and comfort.


Charter a Helicopter

There are times that you need to be where no airplane can take you. No matter where it is, you are getting there with style. When you charter one of our helicopters, you know the views cannot get any better. Get anywhere you need, anywhere you want. Our Helicopters can fit 1 to 6 passengers.


    Want to know more?

    If you want to take a glance on the amazing fleet at your disposal, you can head to our Los Angeles Charters sister page or give us a call: +1 (877) 335-7038