LA Helicopter Rides Deals and Discounts

LA Helicopter Rides Deals and Discounts

Helicopter tours are amazing! But what is even better? Get a great deal for your tour… LA Helicopter Rides Deals and Discounts is the way to get the cheapest Helicopter Ride in LA.

Check-in discounts

You get $10 off your total when you Check-in on the day of your flight on Yelp or Facebook. Check-in on both of them and you can get $15 off your total. Simple as that. Promotion only valid when booked online.

LA Helicopter Rides Deals and Discounts
Connect to your friends for amazing LA Helicopter Rides Deals and Discounts

Friends of my friends

When you book your flight online, you will be given the option to share your reservation with your friends. Everytime a friend uses your post to book a flight with us, you will receive $10 credit and your friend will also receive a discount. There is no limit for this deal. If a lot of your friends book flights, you can simply fly for free!! Your LA Helicopter Rides Deals and Discounts can’t get better.

Real Life Heroes

Most people have celebrities as their heroes and end up forgetting about the true heroes of this country. We don’t. As a token of appreciation to the people that risk their own lives to keep us safe, members of the US military, Law Enforcement and Fire Department have 10% off using the promo code “alllivesmatter” when booking online. You will need to show agency’s photo id on the day of your fligh to use the discount. That’s not all! If you want to experience the tour by yourself, book one of our single rider tours with the promo code “hero” and get 50% off your flight. “Real Life Heroes” discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

LA Helicopter Rides Deals and Discounts for law enforcement, military, first responders and pilots
Amazing LA Helicopter Deals and Discounts for Pilots

From Pilot to Pilot

Commercial pilots have the same discounts of Real Life Heroes (just use the same promo code). You will just have to show us photo-id and the pilot’s license issued by your Federal Aviation Agency. “From Pilot to Pilot” discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Price Match

We price match any Helicopter Tour in LA. More information: “Cheap Helicopter Tours Los Angeles

Winter! The Season of renewal. The end and the beginning. It’s a great season to see sea life, as whales and dolphins are migrating.   As a way to enter the new year with super, high positive energy we decided to keep all of our prices the same as our off-season prices and carry the discount on all of our Regular Los Angeles Helicopter Tours, so everybody can celebrate the end and beginning of the year with a rejuvenating Helicopter Ride  . Use the promo code below and get the discount on every regular tour.

Attention: Promotions and Discounts are not cumulative and do not stack. Discounts and promotions are available for Online Bookings ONLY