Single Rider

Single Rider (Tours for 1 person)

Are you a Single Rider (one passenger)? Exploring L.A. on your own? Friends too scared to fly? Don’t worry! We will give you an option to explore the breathtaking views that Los Angeles has to offer from a Helicopter Tour.

Because of the high costs of operating a helicopter we need a minimum of two people flying in the helicopter to cover the costs. Of course your could pay for two people and fly alone, but we created this page for the people that don’t have the budget to do this. That’s the chance to do what YOU want and still use the opportunity to meet new people, maybe even make new friends.

ATTENTION – We still need a minimum of 2 people to take the helicopter out in the tour. If you are a single rider and join another flight and the other person/group don’t show up for the flight and we can’t reach the 2 people minimum, your flight will be canceled.

Single Rider Tours – How does it works?

Option 1:

First you can check our Online Booking system to see the tours we have already available for one person. These are tours with 2 people or more and are already confirmed. You just have to book add you to the flight. If you can’t find a time, date or tour available on our online booking, you can come back here and try option 2.

Click here to check the tours we already have available (or scroll to the bottom of the page).

Option 2:

Fill the form below and we will try to match you with other single riders or other group. As soon as we have a fit for you, we will contact you and set up the tour.

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    30 minutes (Hollywood) - $180.0030 minutes (Malibu) - $180.0045 minutes - $260.0060 minutes - $320.00

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