Terms and Conditions


Cancellation Policy

25% deposit is not Refunded. We don’t accept cancellations within 24h of the flight and cancellations within this period of time will be treated as a “no-show”. For bookings requiring more than 1 helicopter, we don’t accept cancellations within 72 hours of the flight and cancellations within this period of time will be treated as a “no-show”.


All passengers are required to check-in 15 min to 60 min before the flight, following the table below. This is the time required to collect payment, weight the passengers, release the aircraft for your flight, take you to the aircraft, give you the safety briefing required by the FAA and hopefully take some pictures before your flight. Failing to check-in within the time limit will be subjected to late fees.

Regular and Seasonal Tours – Check-in 15 min before the flight
Single Rider Tours – Check-in 30 min before the flight
Group Tours (4 or more people) – Check-in 30 min before the flight
Production Flights and Photo-Flights – Check in 60 min before the flight

Late Fees

Late check-ins will be subjected to a 10% late fee.
If you check-in after the time of your appointment, the tour will be cut short as necessary to guarantee the aircraft will not be late for other appointments. If we don’t have other appointments after your flight, you will be given the option to pay proportionally for the time you were late to cover for Ramp Fees and pilot wages.
If you arrive 15 minutes past your scheduled time, it will be treated as a no-show with no refund.
Please arrive early to avoid any problems. Don’t forget to plan for traffic.


No-Shows will be charged the full amount of the flight to the credit card on file. There are no refunds for no-shows, so please, plan ahead.

Flight Duration for tours

Duration of tours are approximate from the start of the engine to the time the engine is shut down. Duration may vary depending on flight conditions. We are not going to charge more if the tour takes longer than we expect as you will not get refunded if it is shorter. When you buy a tour, you NOT renting the helicopter by hour, you are buying a sightseeing tour experience.

Tour Routes

Lite Flight Helicopters is committed to fly over every sight highlighted for our tours, but our main concern is your safety. The routes for the tours might be changed to ensure safety (traffic controller requests, weather, other aircraft traffic in the area, temporary flight restrictions, etc). We will do our best to keep you informed of any conditions that may alter the route for your flight, but some times these conditions cannot be predicted.


In case of weather preventing the flight to be performed safely, we will reschedule your flight at no additional cost. In case the flight cannot be rescheduled for any reason, the flight will be canceled and a full refund will be issued (including the deposit).

Weight Limit 

Maximum total passenger weight in the Robinson R44 (4-seater helicopter) is 600lb and 280lb per seat. For larger helicopters, the total passenger weight limit is 1200lb and 300lb per seat. Passengers will be weighted, and if any combination of the weight is over the limits, the full price will be charged and we will not be able to take all the passengers. Please double check the weight provided during your booking to avoid any problems.