LA Helicopter Rides

LA Helicopter Rides

“LA Helicopter Rides” will be a page where we will publish temporary and seasonal Helicopter Rides over Los Angeles. Our idea is to be always innovative and offer something different for you all the time. Depending on the feedback of our customers, we might create permanent LAHelicopter Rides down the road.

Heli Express

$95 per person (2 people minimum)
$160 per person (no minimum)

From all the other LA Helicopter Rides, Heli Express is the quickest we ever designed, which in return, makes it the cheapest Helicopter Ride in Los Angeles. This Ride was created during Spring 2017 and we used Spring Break as inspiration. It’s a quick break. Usually, you don’t want to go very far and can’t spend too much money… That’s exactly what the “Heli Express” is about. A quick, very affordable and fun experience.

What are you going to see:

Van Nuys Airport | Encino and Encino Reservoir | Sepulveda Pass | Bel-Air | Mountaingate | The Getty Center | UCLA | Brentwood | Beverly Hills | Celebrity Homes | Sherman Oaks


All the LA Helicopter Rides created will tell the story behind its creation and development. Our inspiration to design these routes comes from the things that are part of the history or events over Los Angeles and even around the world, so your tour will not only give you the memories you will acquire during your flight, but also will associate with a specific event on history or season.

LA Helicopter Rides x La Helicopter Tours

LA Helicotper Rides and LA Helicopter tours have the same meaning. We use the word “tours” for our regular, all year long tours and “rides” for our seasonal or temporary rides. Check our LA Helicopter Tour page to learn more about our regular tours.