Los Angeles Helicopter Rides

Los Angeles Helicopter Rides

No matter if you are visiting or if you are a local, seeing the best way to see LA is in one of our Los Angeles Helicopter Rides. You will have the best views and you will be able to see things that you didn’t even know existed in Los Angeles before. And we assure you, LA is absolutely amazing from above. That’s why we use helicopters that not only have bubble windows, which will allow you to look in all directions (even straight down), but we tailored our routes to give you unbstructed views from the most amazing sites. No walls, no gates, nothing can be hidden from us.

The best Los Angeles Helicopter Rides

Imagine seeing the best of Los Angeles without having to deal with the worst problem in LA – Traffic. You can literally spend more time in traffic trying to move from one location to another than actually enjoying the places you are visiting. From our Los Angeles Helicopter Rides, you won’t have to. You will be soaring at 500ft above the traffic so you can see most of this city in a matter of minutes. That’s why we tailored special helicopter rides packages, with diferent durations to fit your specific needs and budget.

Unbeatable Experience

If Los Angeles is the home of the most popular movies and TV Shows, Hollywood is its heart, so we designed this helicopter ride specially to give you a taste of what gave LA the fame for creating fame and power.

Movie Locations

Our Helicopter Rides over LA give you the opportunity to see most of the main Studios where the movies are made, including CBS Studios, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Paramount Studios and Fox Studios. This Helicopter Ride will give you the chance to see the sound stages, the fake buildings (backlot area) and will surely bring you the memories of your favorite movies and TV shows back. You will also have the opportunity to ride over other places used in movies, but are not studios like houses, shooting locations, etc. Forget about backlot studio tours. Within your helicopter ride, you can actually see movies being shot, we don’t really need to stear away…

Beaches and the Shoreline

People come from all over the world to see the famous LA Shoreline. And let me tell you, it looks absoletely amazing. You will not only see the most popular beaches like Zuma, Malibu, Topanga, Santa Monica, Venice, etc, but also have a panoramic view from the islands surrounding our city. It’s very common to see dolphins playing with each other, almost like they are trying to pose for your photos. Also seals, whales and sharks are very common.

Lifestyle and Celebrities

Want to see how celebrities live? Where they live? How the live? Forget about tour busses. You are going to spend hours and hours of your day looking to high walls, fences and gates. If you really want to see celebrity homes, here is the only way to do it – Los Angeles Helicopter Rides! No obstructions at all, plus you will have access to places where busses and cars can’t go at all, like gated communities and as you can imagine, most of the A-List celebrities don’t actually live by the regular roads where they can be bodered by fans, paparazzis and alike. You will be to have the best perspective from houses costing over $50,000,000.00.


Los Angeles has one of the best sceneries one can ask for. Beautiful canyons, hills, mountains, lakes… even waterfalls. But most people don’t even know that, because it’s so hard to access this hidden gems (unless you are a hikker). But from your helicopter you can enjoy even places that are not easily accessible even for hikers. While you are there, don’t forget to enjoy the flocks of birds flying right below us, painting the sky and creating an unique visual art nobody can see twice. Better have your camera always ready!

So much more!

Don’t wait any longer head over to our LA Helicopter Tour page to see the best option for your Los Angeles Helicopter Rides. We promise you will have an experience you will not soon forget!