Planning a Helicopter Proposal? 4 Steps to Make it Magical

Are you thinking about using a helicopter during your proposal? Such a big, romantic gesture could really take things over the top when you decide to pop the question. After you have spent lots of time looking through engagement rings to find the right one for your partner you want to make the moment breathtaking and what better way than up in the sky and over a gorgeous view down below. But before you head into the clouds with your boyfriend or girlfriend, take these five steps to success first.

1. Choose Charter or Tour

Generally helicopter companies provide two types of services. Tours start at the company’s home base, travel around a designated area, and return to the same place. Charters, on the other hand, start in one location and end in another – a different city, landing area, or even a state.

You can do either a tour or a charter for a proposal. A tour is a good choice if you want to pop the question in the air itself. You might plan to do it during a specific part of the tour, such as while flying along the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches. If you plan to the do proposing on the ground, a charter is a better option. This way, you could travel to a special destination and drop to one knee in your favorite spot.

2. Create the Ambiance

What do you want to include on your big ride? The environment and ambiance evoked during the flight will be a big part of the proposal experience, so you will want to plan this out in advance.

Start by deciding on a particular hour. Many romantic pairs like evening and nighttime flights when the sun is setting or you’re flying over the romantic city lights. But if you have a big day planned, the helicopter might just be one element of the overall plan.

Next, think about what sights you want to see. If your significant other is a big sports fan, you might fly them over their favorite arena. If you want to evoke an old Hollywood feeling, though, you’d probably opt for a tour of the classic L.A. landmarks such as the Hollywood sign or Griffith Observatory.

In addition to knowing where you want to go, you’ll also need to decide who you want to take. Do you want a romantic, intimate experience? Then you probably should book a private tour or charter. If you want to include your friends or family, find out how many the helicopter can hold and if you can get a discount for a group.

3. Talk to the Company

The helicopter charter service needs to be involved in the planning of your proposal. They will be an important asset in planning things like where you want to sight-see during the flight and when exactly you want to pop the question. The pilot can also help you be ready when it comes time or facilitate special extras like a bottle of champagne or picnic when you land.

Keep in mind that the helicopter tour operator and pilots need to ensure that safety procedures are followed and that all your plans fit in with their responsibilities to the FAA and other agencies. Give them the information to keep you safe and having a good time.

4. Formulate a Cover Story

Most proposals are meant to be exciting surprises. If yours is too, you’ll need a particularly good way to keep such a big secret from your future fiancĂ©. You might choose to invite other friends and call the excursion a group activity. Or you could simply plan a big weekend in Vegas and an excuse to celebrate, keeping the true purpose of the trip to yourself. Be sure you share the cover story with your pilot.

A helicopter-based proposal plan is a wonderful way to start off your new life as a married couple. No matter what you have in mind, the pros at Lite Flight Helicopters can help. Call today to discuss your dreams with our team and learn more about how our services will fit into them.