5 Reasons That a Helicopter Tour Is the Perfect Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? No matter what the occasion – holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a way to show you care – a helicopter tour is one of the best choices you can make. No matter where you are choosing to have a helicopter ride, the experience is one that you will never forget. Whether you are booking a whistler private helicopter, or one in New York, the flight will be a day to remember. Why? Here are five of the best reasons to give the gift of an aerial ride.

1. It’s a Unique Experience

When you give a gift in the form of an experience to be had rather than a material object, you want it to be a special experience. And while a nice dinner is an experience, it’s not necessarily a unique one. An aerial ride over the landscape, though, is something that can’t be replicated on any old day.

A private tour is also a gift that your loved one won’t have in common with most people. They will feel like you went out of your way, that you gave them something truly special, and that their big day was celebrated in a way that few – if anyone – can compete with.

2. It’s Perfect for the Social Media Age

Everyone, it seems, wants to share their special moments with their friends, family, and followers through social media. If your loved one likes to do so, a helicopter tour is the perfect setup for endless perfect social media sharing. From live video of stellar views to the perfect overhead photographs, sharing opportunities abound.

The pilot and staff are familiar with how people like to memorialize their tours for various social media outlets, so they can usually ensure that you and your friend hit all the right marks.

3. It’s a New Way to See Anything

If you’ve lived in an area for a while, you may wonder if there’s anything new to be found in it. Solve this problem by literally changing your vantage point.

Flying over the city, soaring past the beaches, exploring canyons or rivers – all these scenes take on a new life when viewed from this unique angle. Even mundane cities, buildings, and landscapes can be made truly magical when viewed from above. And an experienced pilot can help you discover aspects of your setting that aren’t visible from any other location.

In addition to the scenery, those interested in the aviation industry might find the helicopter ride amazing. You get to watch and learn how the pilot operates the control unit, how he/she handles the crew, and find out about the cockpit accessories like kneeboard (hold objects for pilots during flight), and much more.

4. It Surprises Your Loved Ones

Do you need to come up with a new gift for a well-trodden anniversary? A birthday that has come around year after year after year? If you’re running low on ideas and don’t want to resort to the usual experiences, think outside the box.

An aerial tour is something that few people would guess in advance. It’s not a gift your loved one can accidentally find underneath the bed before Christmas Day. And it’s not even a gift that you have to tell anyone else about before your loved one receives it.

5. It’s a Shared Experience

Gift giving is something you want to be able to share with the receiver. But too many gifts are given and enjoyed solely by the other party. Why not break that tradition by creating a shared experience that you’ll never forget.

If you take a helicopter ride with the recipient, you have an indelible memory that you can look back on from a unique shared angle. This makes it perfect for a date night, an anniversary, a proposal, or another romantic occasion.

Ready to take advantage of all that a helicopter tour has to offer as a gift? Start by meeting with the staff at Lite Flight today. Whether you want a personalized package or one of our pre-planned tours, you’re sure to find the perfect way to surprise that special person in your life. Call today to learn more.