How to Prepare Kids for a Helicopter Tour

Children are often enthralled by planes and helicopters. Going up in the sky and flying around can feel magical to them. Children who are at least five years old can get the most out of a helicopter tour, and it’s sure to be an experience they’ll always remember. Consider these simple ways of preparing your kids for a helicopter tour of Los Angeles.

Introduce Kids to Heights Prior to the Tour

Ease children into the idea of being up high if they don’t have experience with heights. For example, you may take them to the top floor of a skyscraper and then encourage them to look down at the city below. Talk about why things look smaller from that height and why they are safe even when they are at such a great height.

You may enjoy a family dinner at restaurants that offer a great view of Los Angeles from the top floor. That will ensure that kids spend some time getting used to heights, and that can ease some fears that younger kids might have. Then, when you are on the tour, you can remind them of how they enjoyed heights.

Read Books About Helicopters and Helicopter Rides

Literature is a great way to introduce kids to many things, and that is true for helicopter rides. You could choose a book about the Wright brothers to introduce them to the first time that humans learned how to fly. Books about helicopters and flying should be educational to give kids a better understanding and appreciation for flying.

You may also want to access study programs online that will introduce kids to helicopters and how they are able to fly above the ground. Upbeat children’s picture books can also introduce kids to the concept of flying in a helicopter in a way that’s fun and age-appropriate. They may even inspire you to create your own picture book. In which case, you can Hire a Book Illustrator here.

Talk About What They Should Expect

Make sure that your kids know about the loud noises they may hear on a helicopter ride. Also, prepare them for the safety protocols that they will need to follow during the ride. Encourage them to ask any questions they may have. Let them know it’s okay to ask the pilot questions too.

Enlist Your Kids’ Help in Choosing the Tour

A variety of Los Angeles helicopter tours are available. You could see the beautiful lights of the big city at night. A daytime tour of Malibu shows you stunning views of the canyons, cliffs, and beaches of this unique part of the west coast. Yet another option is to see the glitz and glamor of Hollywood landmarks from above. You can also find a red carpet tour.

Let your kids help you choose which one to take. You might offer them the chance to choose between only the two or three that most interest you. However, the act of giving them a say in the decision will likely excite them and help them feel like they have power over the situation.

Prepare Kids by Sharing Your Enthusiasm

Start talking about the helicopter tour at least a week or two before you plan to take it. Point out all the fun aspects of the tour that you’re looking forward to experiencing. Anticipating the tour can be part of the fun, and you may even start a little countdown of days to help build the anticipation. Then, when the day of the tour comes around, kids may feel like it’s Christmas morning.

Finally, contact Lite Flight Helicopters today to book your tour. They recommended their tours for children who are five years of age and older. You and your family will love sharing the experience of seeing Los Angeles in the best way possible. The City of Angels looks stunning from the air, and our knowledgeable tour guides ensure you have a good time.