4 Advantages of Nighttime Helicopter Tours in L.A.

One of the best ways to explore the city of Los Angeles is through a helicopter tour. A helicopter will fly across multiple landmarks in the city and gives you a unique view of the tourist area. When you book a helicopter tour, you have one main choice to make. You can select to take a daytime or nighttime flight.
While both offer spectacular views, you can find several advantages with a night tour over the city. Learn about the advantages and how you can enjoy a memorable trip through Los Angeles.

1. No Glares
When you take a helicopter tour of Los Angeles during the day, one of the biggest issues you will run into is direct sunlight. Even with sunglasses, the direct sun could create major glares and make it hard to see the city properly. With a night flight, you do not have to worry about the sun. The city becomes fully illuminated by streetlights, building lights, and other sources.
You will not miss out on key locations and can take everything in with the unobstructed view. Even if the moon is full, the impact of the moon’s light will not affect your helicopter tour.

2. Illuminated Attractions
If you do not know the Los Angeles area well, you may miss out on some key attractions when a helicopter flies by during the day. Even when the tour guide points out buildings and attractions, you may have trouble spotting them until the last moment when the helicopter has flown by already.
At night, spotting attractions is a lot easier because the locations rely on spotlights and specialty lighting to make each one stand out. One of the best views includes the Hollywood sign. Huge spotlights shine and illuminate the letters of “Hollywood” as the sign sits on a large hill over the city area.
Arenas like the Staples center are also easy to spot, because the top of the arena features giant letters that spell out the name of the venue you can easily see from overhead.

3. New Perspectives
While flying over LA during the day will give you a bird’s-eye view of just how large this metropolis is, a nighttime flight will introduce you to the true expanse and wonder of the city. The nighttime sky ignites with millions of lights from homes, businesses, and attractions. A nighttime trip through the skies of LA is like no other.
You will be able to fully appreciate the full breadth of LA and all its nightlife from the unique perspective of a helicopter.

4. Red Carpet Events
A helicopter tour may give you the chance to watch some star-studded red carpet events. Hollywood is host to premieres all the time and a helicopter tour could fly you over some landmark movie theaters and premiere locations. As you fly through the night, look for large spotlights pointed up at the sky.
The lights are indicators of an event and a helicopter may fly directly over the area. Before your trip, you can check out premiere calendars to see what’s scheduled. By knowing the schedule, you can get an idea of what celebrities will appear at the event and whom you can try to spot from the views above.
You will get to see the full length of the red carpet, any elaborate decorations set up, and collections of limos and other luxury cars.
Enjoy everything the night has to offer with our tours at Lite Flight. We will guide you around the city and provide a memorable tour that showcases the unique lifestyle of Los Angeles at night.

Things to do in Los Angeles

So you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles? Don’t look any further! When you first arrive in Los Angeles, you have a great view of this city from the small windows of your airplane, from thousands of feet above the ground. It’s enough to realize L.A. is huge. In fact, that’s 503 square miles. When you grab your bags and leave LAX in route to your Hotel or the house you rented on Airbnb you start to realize such a large city, such horrible traffic… You won’t have time to explore L.A. The city really ought to consider putting in place solutions like plastic traffic barriers to restrict the flow of traffic into certain areas – this might please tourists and locals alike to have some pedestrianized areas. So your next step, as soon as you get internet connection is to start googling “things to do in Los Angeles”, hoping you can do the most with your short amount of time. But what if you could see all what L.A. has to offer, without losing time in traffic or with research? Believe me… you can!

Helicopter Tours of LA

Lite Flight Helicopter offer an amazing solution for your problems. We tailored Helicopter Rides all over L.A. so you can see the best this city has to offer from the comfort of a leather seat in the sky! Yes! No L.A. traffic, no freeways, nothing to keep you from enjoying your vacations. When you are up there, there are no obstructions for your views. Our bubble windows will give you 180 degrees of visibility. There is nowhere the celebrities can hide. You can check our helicopter tour options and choose the best to fit your budget and needs!

Things to do in Los Angeles – Celebrity Homes in Los Angeles

One of the most sought things to do in Los Angeles is spotting celebrities. How they live? Where they live?
Look no further! Instead of spending money with bus tours, stuck in traffic and seeing walls and fences, treat yourself with the ultimate view of the Celebrity homes in L.A. Our Premier Celebrity Helicopter Tour is a 60 minutes Helicopter Tour package that will take you around where all celebrities live. Hollywood, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Beverly Park… will will see it all. When you Ride our helicopter, the celebrities can’t use their tall walls and fences to hide their homes from you. We can go anywhere! Even over gated communities where you Hollywood Tour Bus would never be able to enter. You will have unrestricted view to see exactly how your favorite celebrity live.

Celebrities living in L.A.

Will Smith, The Kardashians, Mel Gibson, Beyonce, Barbara Streisand, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Adam Sandler, Pink, Paris Hilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, Jim Carrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp, Steven Spielberg, Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington much more… Let’s not forget famous mansions like the Playboy Mansion, Aaron Spelling Mansion, Greystone Mansion, etc…

Things to do in Los Angeles – Museums and Historic Buildings

L.A. is full of important museums and historic buildings. They tell us all about this city and its roots. During our Hollywood Helicopter Tour or Signature Red Carpet Helicopter Tour, will you see and learn about all the important building that helped to tailor our story and made Hollywood come to live. Seeing these buildings is a must-do when you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles!


The Getty Villa, The Getty Center, The Broad Museum, Hammer Museum, The Griffith Observatory, La Brea Tar Pits Museum, Wax Museum and much more!

Historic Buildings

Disney Concert Hall, L.A. Opera House, Los Angeles City Hall, The Twin Tower Jail, The Union Station, The W Hotel, The Old Site of the Ambassador Hotel, Capitol Records, The Dolby Theater, The Roosevelt Hotel, Pantages Theatre, Chinese Theater, Loews Hotel, Beverly Hills Hotel, Chateau Marmont and much more!

LA’s Best Helicopter Tour Company

LA’s Best Helicopter Tour Company - Lite Flight Helicopters

Coming up with the best holiday for us was a challenge. We had spent so much time saving and so we knew that we had to get the best experience to reward ourselves. Most of my friends had gone on cruises and traveled to top destinations around the world. The fact of the matter is that I did not want to spend too much on this trip despite my wife feeling different. This was a dilemma. It was until I came across L.A’s top helicopter company that I realized that my holiday was made. L.A being one of the most fun destinations in the world was never a miss when it comes to unwinding. I thought…what better way to do this than from the air! I always fantasized about flying in a chopper and so this was something I looked forward to. Lite Flight helicopters was on the top list of my recommendations and boy, was I right! L.A is one of the richest states thanks to its celebrity status. I was looking for a red carpet experience and so was my wife. The getaway was just what we needed away from the kids. Continue reading “LA’s Best Helicopter Tour Company”

Los Angeles Sightseeing

Los Angeles Sightseeing

If your traveling to Los Angeles to do some sight seeing you want to make sure you contact Lite Flight Helicopters. Los Angeles sightseeing is better by air! Our professional staff and pilots have been voted as top of class professionals in the aviation space. We take each client and treat them as if they were our very first. If outstanding service and a once in a lifetime experience is important to you then a custom tour package could be just what your looking for. Seeing Los Angeles or the coast of Malibu by helicopter is one of the most breathtaking experiences that anyone can have. The shear beauty of the California coast on a beautiful day is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Tour Malibu Beach

Malibu Helicopter Tour

Tour Malibu Beach

If you are coming to Los Angeles to see the sites then taking a tour of Malibu Beach in Los Angeles is the way to go! Check out the homes of some of LA’s most famous movie stars and celebrities or check out the beautiful coast line in in a way that you have never seen it before. Lite Flight Helicopters offers affordable tour packages for any budget. Our professional staff takes pride in making sure that every one of our clients has the flight of a lifetime! Our pilots are experienced at showing our customers a tour of Malibu Beach and surrounding hot spots. When you are traveling to Los Angeles don’t leave your vacation to chance by just taking any tour. Our clients often tell is that our helicopter tours of Malibu and surrounding Los Angeles is one of the best times they have ever had. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to find out just how easy it is to have the experience of a lifetime! Tour Malibu Beach and Call Today 1-877-335-7038

Los Angeles Tours

Many locals and tourists alike visit Los Angeles in search of a good tour of the city. Lite Flight Hollywood tours are top rated in the area by our many satisfied customers. We have a track record of excellence and safety that each of our clients appreciate. If you are looking to take a tour of LA the best way to do it is by air! We offer tours of Hollywood, Malibu Beach, Movie Star Homes, and a lot more. Have you ever taken a tour of the beach or the coast of Los Angeles by air?

Los Angeles is world famous for many popular places and entertaining activities. If you are visiting this place for the first time, you should explore the beauty and entertaining features of this city. Different types of tours are available in Los Angeles such as bus tours, eco-friendly motorbike tours, and also bicycle tours. All of these tours have their own specialties and disadvantages. You can choose any of them to explore new things in Los Angeles, but the advantage of the helicopter tour is that it makes the journey interesting and inspiring. A helicopter tour also makes you experience all the beautiful things comfortably and easily.

We would like to invite you to give us a call today to speak to one of our friendly reservation specialist that will answer all of your questions 1-877-335-7038