LA’s Best Helicopter Tour Company

Coming up with the best holiday for us was a challenge. We had spent so much time saving and so we knew that we had to get the best experience to reward ourselves. Most of my friends had gone on cruises and traveled to top destinations around the world. The fact of the matter is that I did not want to spend too much on this trip despite my wife feeling different. This was a dilemma. It was until I came across L.A’s top helicopter company that I realized that my holiday was made. L.A being one of the most fun destinations in the world was never a miss when it comes to unwinding. I thought…what better way to do this than from the air! I always fantasized about flying in a chopper and so this was something I looked forward to. Lite Flight helicopters was on the top list of my recommendations and boy, was I right! L.A is one of the richest states thanks to its celebrity status. I was looking for a red carpet experience and so was my wife. The getaway was just what we needed away from the kids.

The best pilots
One of the highlights of the trip was the staff and pilots. It was clear to see that they were taking time to ensure that we would be safe and that we were having a great time right from the point of departure. It was not long before we were whisked away to one of the helicopters, red in color to be particular, and airlifted. The experience was simply thrilling. We had a number of packages to choose from which made it all so easy. The prices were much lesser than I expected. It was then that I knew I had made the right choice. I knew my wife would never forget the experience!

Awesome pricing for their packages
The cheapest package was worth $140. It involved a Hollywood tour. This included seeing the Griffith observatory, the famous stars’ homes, the Hollywood sign and the Getty center. The pricing was just right. The second package cost the same but concentrated on the Malibu coast. Both flights were to take 30 minutes. This is a lot of time in the air by the way! The pilot explained that we would get to see some of the best Malibu homes, the Coastal line and a horde of sea life. The third package included a Hollywood tour all the way to the Santa Monica pier. This had more to see and cost $190. We finally chose the last package. One of the reasons was because we wanted to see everything. The other reason was because the pricing was too good to be true.
The last package was worth $260. We got to experience everything that was in the 3 previous packages. The trip took us through the Holly wood sign, celebrity homes, Malibu, the shoreline, The Santa Monica Pier, downtown and the beautiful skyline. It was amazing to realize just how wealthy L.A is from the sky. Everything looked so different. It was thrilling to get the celebrity status treatment. It was also refreshing seeing dolphins and whales from the sky. The world’s seemed within reach and for a moment, all things seemed possible.

Simply memorable
The flight was not only an experience to remember but therapeutic. It opened to me a world full of possibilities and wonder. Lite Flight Helicopters, L.A’s top helicopter company was probably one of the best decisions we made. Despite the fact that we spent the rest of the holiday on the ground, that one hour remains the highlight of our lives. The photos were nothing short of amazing!