Which Season is Best for a Helicopter Tour in L.A.?

Los Angeles is known by many for its lack of truly distinct seasons, but changing temperatures cause different views around the city. Below is a guide to what to experience during the seasons by helicopter in The City of Angels.


Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year in L.A. The temperatures are ideal, foliage begins to bloom, and animals become more active.

If California had large amounts of rain early in the year, they will have a very bright wildflower season (a super bloom). The poppy fields around LA can be spectacular and look like seas of orange. Lupines, purple-owls clover, and goldfields decorate the hillsides in vivid purple and yellow streaks. The popular Jacaranda trees bloom during March and April and decorate purple pockets across the city.

If the ocean is your interest, whales migrate during early spring months. Gray whales migrate December through May. You have the chance to spot orcas, humpback whales, sea otters, seals, or even sharks!

The downside to sight-seeing in spring is the possibility of rain. Make sure you keep an eye on the weather, and work with your helicopter guides to know what to do or expect in case of less than ideal weather. If you want to make sure that you do not encounter any rain, you may want to consider a summer helicopter tour.


California summers are very hot, so a helicopter tour is a fun way to beat the heat and see the sights L.A. has to offer. Bring plenty of water, as the temperatures in a California summer can often reach 90+ degrees!

Despite the heat, summer is a great time of the year to see iconic sights, as the skies will be blue, the air is clear, and people will be out. Great views of The Griffith Observatory, historic Downtown, the Hollywood Sign, many theme parks, and the Santa Monica Pier make for great picturesque moments.

The beaches will be very nice this time of year with light sea breezes, the rumble of blue waves, and you may even spot a whale or dolphin along the coast. Keep your eye out for blowholes, or if you are lucky you may see the body of a whale just under the surface of the water. Blue whales begin their migration in June and end in the fall months, usually October.


Fall months in California can vary in temperature from extremely hot summer temperatures through early October to cooler temperatures in late October and November.

This is another time of the year that is great to see the historical and well-known landmarks of the city.

Though California does not seem to have a lot of fall colored foliage, the many gardens throughout L.A. exhibit fall with their many species of plants from the area and around the world. A view from the gardens above will prove very pretty.

The Santa Monica mountains can be wonderful this time of year, as the desert plants begin to seed and the sunsets near the ocean are spectacular. They make a nice view in the winter months as well.


If you are looking for cooler temperatures, winter in California will be perfect. December is known to have rain, so again, plan with your tour accordingly. Make sure to bundle up, as the air may get cold up high.

A winter night flight in December will be delightful, as the many neighborhoods, theme parks, and big business decorate extravagantly for Christmas time.

Tourism declines during winter, so the end of the year is a nice time to visit if you want to encounter fewer people.

Every season in LA has something unique to offer. If you are interested in booking a helicopter tour during your favorite time of year, please visit our website to see the many packages we have available!