Debunking 4 Common Helicopter Myths

Many people have traveled via plane, but for many people, helicopter travel seems like a VIP experience for only the rich. However, helicopter travel and tours are actually a great consideration, especially for your next trip to LA. If you would like to learn more about helicopter travel and tours, check out these four common myths.

1. Helicopters Are Dangerous

Helicopters are sometimes viewed as a dangerous way to travel. However, helicopters are actually a less dangerous way to travel than general aviation. According to NPR, more fatal accidents happened during general aviation flight hours as compared to fatal accidents during helicopter flight hours. The risk of accidents also depends on why you are using the helicopter.

In most cases, sightseeing tours and aerial observation flights are particularly safe. The risk really only increases if the pilot is in a hurry and ignoring unsafe conditions. Plus, if something does go wrong, such as engine failure, the helicopter will not just fall out of the sky. Safety mechanisms usually allow the helicopter to slowly and safely land even as the engine is failing.

2. Helicopters Rides Are Too Expensive

Many people view helicopter rides as an expensive luxury for rich people, but it can actually be an affordable experience. For example, a 30-minute tour over Hollywood may cost as low as $180 per person, which is a good price for a breathtaking tour that includes celebrity homes, Beverly Hills, the downtown LA skyline, Universal Studios, or the Hollywood sign.

Even charter flights are available, which can be a much more affordable way to travel. In some cases, chartering an entire helicopter may only cost $1,000, which can save you money on flight tickets or gas or car fees.

3. Helicopter Rides Are Not For Kids

In many cases, when you see people traveling in a helicopter, it only includes adults. However, helicopter tours and travel as also great for kids. Your child may enjoy the flight alone, but this is also an affordable way to let older kids, such as teens, see a lot of LA at once.

If your children are particularly small, make sure you have noise-canceling headphones and bring a few snacks or toys to entertain the child. In most cases, you do not have to pay for children who can sit on your lap for the ride.

4. Helicopter Charters Are Difficult to Arrange

Chartering a helicopter tour is actually incredibly easy because the rides are limited to an hour or so. Therefore, you can either plan ahead for your helicopter tour or decide to do it at the last minute. Unlike with planes, if you miss your flight, you do not typically have to wait hours for the next ride.

In addition, most helicopter charter companies offer many types of services. Do you need to take aerial photographs and videos of property you want to sell, or do you need a ride to some property in the next state? Regardless of your needs, helicopter rental companies can help.

Helicopter rides can be fun for the whole family. Not only are they more affordable than you may think, but they are also perfect for creating long-lasting, unique memories. If you plan to travel to LA in the near future, consider a helicopter tour to get an eagle-eye view of the city.

If you would like to know more, or if you need to get a quote on a chartered helicopter or tour, contact us at Lite Flight Helicopters today. We look forward to helping you see the slights around LA. Please let us know what questions or concerns you may have.