Graduation Cancelled? Take Your Student on a Helicopter Tour

All around the world, students graduating in 2020 are suffering from the inability to have traditional graduation festivities. Parties have been postponed, proms cancelled, and even diploma ceremonies vastly curtailed. All this means that families who still want to mark this date for their graduates need to be creative and look outside the box.

Have you, then, considered using a helicopter tour to celebrate your teen’s special day? If not, discover five of the best reasons this could be the perfect alternative gift.

1. Helicopter Flights Are Socially Distant

The key to celebrating any milestones during the COVID-19 pandemic is social distancing. After all, the need to avoid large and close gatherings is the reason your son or daughter can’t have their normal graduation celebrations. Few graduation activities could be more socially distant than a helicopter flying high over the crowded world below.

2. Helicopter Tours Are Memorable and Unique

In the absence of time-honored graduation traditions, one of the biggest struggles for grads is to find some way to make their celebration memorable in a good way. While graduation pictures in the backyard might be personal, it may not be a particularly memorable blowout.

On the other hand, going up in a helicopter to see the world from a whole new angle is certainly memorable. It’s also a unique gift that everyone else in the world won’t be sharing. Your family will get to share an experience they’ve likely never had, and you’ll all see your home in new ways.

3. Helicopter Trips Bypass Public Travel

What if you want to get away somewhere but are reluctant to travel? Airports, public transportation, and crowds are all risk points for transmission of the coronavirus. If this is what’s holding you back, consider bypassing all the potentially germ-ridden aspects of traveling by taking a private helicopter ride to a nearby destination.

A Los Angeles family, for example, is just a charter flight away from Las Vegas, San Diego, Palm Springs and the high desert, Napa Valley, or sunny Santa Barbara. Any choice could provide a change of scenery without the worry of traveling too far away and putting yourselves at additional risk.

4. Helicopter Tours Can Be Personalized

Talk with a helicopter tour service in your area to find out how to personalize the trip for your grad. Most companies offer a standard tour itinerary that provides a highlight of attractions most people want to see, but they generally can also help you craft your own itinerary.

Let this be a chance to be creative. You might take the graduate on a trip down memory lane, featuring everything from a flyover of their schools to a cruise past their favorite places to get away. You might take a tour of their friends’ houses and say a virtual hello. Or you could arrange a tour of popular local landmarks or even locations from their favorite shows or movies. Have some fun with your personal plans.

5. Helicopter Flights Are Self-Limiting

Because a helicopter is limited in the number of passengers it takes, you have an easy solution to any well-meaning friends or family who want to be included in family celebrations. A family who is more conservative about self-isolating due to at-risk individuals has a built-in reason for exclusivity. There is literally no room for anyone else.

Which of these reasons appeals to your family the most? No matter what you want from your graduate’s celebration, a helicopter flight might be the best way to accomplish it during these stressful and strange times. CallĀ Lite Flight Helicopters today to learn more about all the options for the perfect day.